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Our goal

The goal for reactivating LINA is to make it the preferred source of news and information about Liberia, Africa, and the global village.


Our mission

The effort to rebuild and modernize LINA is intended to make it instrumental in carrying government messages, policies, plans, and programs to the Liberian people, including those in the remotest areas of the country.


LINA’s operations will also give a voice to the vast majority of Liberians living in rural areas – especially as the Government rolls out its landmark decentralization program. We will promote good governance and reduce the urban bias of news reportage. In effect, LINA will highlight the problems, desires, difficulties and aspirations of the general public. Thus, matters of great importance, including disasters and diseases such as malaria are promptly brought to the attention of the government and development partners for quicker solutions.



The new LINA requires substantial capital investment to succeed, and Liberia’s development partners are willing to help – judging from their traditional support for the pre-war LINA. However, the required foreign assistance will not be forthcoming if the Government of Liberia does not make the Agency autonomous. The Agency will also not succeed if the required funding and logistics for the reactivation process and subsequent running of the Agency are not forthcoming.

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